Ways to Travel Better

There is nothing better than going on a decent holiday but there’s also nothing worse than one that goes wrong. Travel can be exhilarating, stressful, relaxing, life-changing, amazing, inspiring, disappointing, boring, horrifying and so much more. A seasoned traveller knows how to ensure that its more positive than negative! So here are some tips from a seasoned traveller and hopefully, your time abroad will be a positive, enjoyable experience.

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Europe’s Prettiest Villages

Europe has some of the most beautiful and historic villages in the world. So many small towns on the continent have been well preserved, making certain villages look like they’ve been taken straight from a fairy tale or are a set purpose built for a Hollywood film. Lakes, mountains, nature and ancient architecture is found throughout this list, and after checking the description of each place I can guarantee you’ll be plotting your next trip so as to pass through one of the quaint villages on here. more “Europe’s Prettiest Villages”

6 Of Europe’s Best Beaches

We all love a good beach holiday. After spending all year working in an office, restaurant or supermarket in bleak Blighty, a trip away with sun on our face and sand between our toes is just what the doctor ordered. Finding a great beach in Europe isn’t too hard, but choosing one certainly is. In this article, you can browse the selection of the best beaches where you can relax, party or simply stroll aimlessly along. So, look out your bathing suit, grab your sunglasses and get ready for your next beach holiday, only a short flight away. more “6 Of Europe’s Best Beaches”

5 Lesser Known Places In Scotland

If you’re after a holiday in the sun, then you should maybe look elsewhere, but a holiday in Scotland is guaranteed to show you just how unique this country is. Despite the small size, you’ll leave wanting to see more of the stunning landscapes and quaint little towns. You probably know all about Glasgow and Edinburgh, two unmissable stops on a Scotland tour, but this list is about those lesser known locations without the airports that draw tourists to them. Check them out and plan your next trip to Caledonia accordingly. more “5 Lesser Known Places In Scotland”

The Most Visited Cities In Europe

If I had to be placed in the middle of any continent in the world and was told I had the whole summer to explore it, Europe would top that list without a shadow of a doubt. Of course there are fascinating countries in Asia, South America and Africa, but nowhere else is there such a mish mash of cultures, ancient and modern architecture and some of the most fun and welcoming people on the planet. It’s no surprise then that Europe has some of the most popular cities in the world for tourists, so with this list I’m going to go through Europe’s most visited cities. If you haven’t been to one of these, book the next flight! more “The Most Visited Cities In Europe”

5 Best Theme Parks In The UK

It doesn’t matter how old you are, theme parks are appealing to all ages. When you’re a little kid, they are magical lands where the fun never stops. When you’re a bit older, it’s an exciting place to take a date, where you can have some lighthearted fun. When you have kids of your own, it brings back great memories of your childhood while your little ones create their own memories. There’s something for everyone. You might be into water rides, scary rides or amusements, but you’re guaranteed to have bags of fun. If you’re after a wicked weekend in the UK, then look no further than these theme parks, the best that Britain has to offer. more “5 Best Theme Parks In The UK”