6 Of Europe’s Best Beaches

We all love a good beach holiday. After spending all year working in an office, restaurant or supermarket in bleak Blighty, a trip away with sun on our face and sand between our toes is just what the doctor ordered. Finding a great beach in Europe isn’t too hard, but choosing one certainly is. In this article, you can browse the selection of the best beaches where you can relax, party or simply stroll aimlessly along. So, look out your bathing suit, grab your sunglasses and get ready for your next beach holiday, only a short flight away.

1. Tenby Harbour, Wales

Starting off on our doorstep, Tenby Harbour beach in Wales was recently voted the most beautiful beach in Europe, and who could blame the voters. The ancient medieval city hides a small, sandy beach at the harbour and is the perfect spot for families with young kids.

2. Praia da Cova Redonda, Portugal

This Algarve beach is a true paradise. It doesn’t get as natural as this beach, with the environment of rocky cliffs and leafy vegetation decorating the area. Descending a long set of stairs leads you to this secluded little beach, and the walk is most certainly worth it.

3. Isola Bella, Italy

Located in Sicily, in the are here there are several picturesque bays, rocky coves and beautiful beaches, easily accessed by cable car or with a shuttle bus service that collects from the hotels in the city.

4. Grande Plage Biarritz, France

A beach fit for a postcard, Grade Plage Biarritz is located in the heart of the seaside resort and so is the most popular with tourists. You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, so it’s you don’t have to plan your trip too carefully and if you’re a keen surfer then this is an ideal beach for catching waves.

5. Nissi Beach, Cyprus

The crystal clear water of Nissi Beach looks as idyllic in person as it does while browsing Pinterest. The sandy beach is over 500 metres long which is just as well since this place gets pretty busy in summer, particularly among young people.

6. La Concha, San Sebastian

This gorgeous Basque city has three stunning beaches popular with locals and tourists alike. La Concha is the bigger of the two and surrounded by a picturesque promenade. This beach is popular with families as it’s super clean and close to some shops to stock up on some much needed refreshments after chilling in the sun all day.

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