5 Best Theme Parks In The UK

It doesn’t matter how old you are, theme parks are appealing to all ages. When you’re a little kid, they are magical lands where the fun never stops. When you’re a bit older, it’s an exciting place to take a date, where you can have some lighthearted fun. When you have kids of your own, it brings back great memories of your childhood while your little ones create their own memories. There’s something for everyone. You might be into water rides, scary rides or amusements, but you’re guaranteed to have bags of fun. If you’re after a wicked weekend in the UK, then look no further than these theme parks, the best that Britain has to offer.


1. Alton Towers

Probably the UK’s most famous theme park, Alton Towers opens at the end of March until the start of November, opening for 14 hours a day during the busiest periods. Some of the better known rides include Oblivion, with a frightening vertical drop, and Nemesis which twists and turns you through the corkscrew shaped ‘coaster at breakneck speed.

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Family owned since it opened all the way back in 1896, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been a British favourite ever since, with its combination of seaside charm and high-tech, exciting attractions an easy sell for holidaymakers. The park boasts a kid’s dream of Nickelodeon Land, with Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob and Rugrats themed rides. In the more grown up section of the park, you’ll find The Big One, formerly the tallest roller coaster in the world and with speeds of up to 74 miles an hour, it’s the best-known ride in the park. On top of this there’s Infusion, a corkscrew ride above water, Valhalla, a dark and terrifying indoor water ride, as well as the Ice Blast ride, which fires you up a completely vertical ride that’s over 200 feet tall.

3. Legoland

Pretty much every kid has played with Lego’s at some point in time, making Legoland a must visit destination for almost every family. There are over 50 interactive attractions in the park, with inventive recreations of sites such as Stonehenge and the centre of London. It’s open every year from the middle of March until the beginning of November.

4. Flamingo Land

Can you think of a better combination that roller coasters and exotic animals? Of course, I don’t mean trying to fit an elephant into a big dipper. Flamingo Land boasts the UK’s most visited zoo in addition to its world class theme park. Discover giraffes, meerkats, penguins and more before hopping on the monorail to ride the Mumbo Jumbo, Pterodactyl and other fantastic rides that range from those for kids to the extreme roller coasters.

5. Oakwood

Amidst the beautiful Welsh Valleys, close to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park you’ll find one of the UK’s most underrated but exciting theme parks. Thrilling visitors since the 1980s, Oakwood has a raucous roller coaster, Megafobia, which has been voted the best wooden roller coaster in the UK as well as a Peter Pan themed Neverland area, popular with kids and adults alike.

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